What is the building consultant service process?

an explanation of the building consultant service

What is the building consultant service process?

We’ve previously talked about the benefits of involving a builder in your pre-construction process, below is what to expect from engaging a building consultant service:

• Share information – this can be a conversation, a meeting or filling in a detailed form to ensure the project and chosen builder are a good fit. Recognising this important detail up front saves a lot of time and expense down the track.
• For a small fee, engage a builder as your consultant for the pre-construction process. They will be sharing their expertise, time and knowledge and, as with other professional services, should be paid for this.
• You builder will be involved in meetings and discussions with you and your designer or architect offering input on practical aspects of the design. With the knowledge already gained from the initial discussion with you, your builder will know what you are trying to achieve and to what budget. They will be able to offer insight into what is possible in the construction phase to align with those things.
• Armed with the decisions you are making about design and materials in real time, your builder can be sourcing and costing materials during the pre-construction process to ensure you can get what you want, within budget and on time.
• Throughout the process, your builder can be preparing the required documentation – specs and selections, permits, approvals and co-ordinating engineering and certification – all to enable a detailed scope of work, timeline and cost analysis. This means your construction process can start sooner rather than later and your project costs will be fixed and accurate rather than just giving a set of plans to multiple builders purely for comparison quotes (which is more like comparing apples with oranges).
• As a result of working together through the planning and pre-construction phase, once your project is ready for the construction stage, you and your builder will have developed a solid, trusted relationship; be able to communicate well; and have a good understanding of the vision you have for your home. This makes the experience much smoother and more enjoyable.
• Once your project has been completed, structural warranties last for 6 years. A good relationship that has already been developed means any requirements down the track are promptly taken care of.

Whilst different from the “usual” design-quote-build process that has been in place for decades, a building consultant process means projects are more likely to stick to budget, the builder-homeowner relationship is based on communication and trust and the experience is much better for both builder and homeowner.

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