Pre-Purchase House Inspections

Pre-purchase House Inspections


One of the most important steps to take when buying a property are pre-purchase house inspections. This is for existing homes and can also be relevant when purchasing land to build a new home.


A pre-purchase house inspection is simply an appraisal of the condition of a property (or parcel of land), carried out by a licensed professional, to determine any existing defects or concerns. Anything that is highlighted as an area for concern can then be investigated further. This gives the prospective owner an understanding of any repair works that might need to take place and an estimation of how much those things might cost.


It’s a good idea to be present for an inspection, if possible, to understand the scope of the inspection and to be able to ask any questions.


If you are purchasing land to build on and a home design has already been done, a pre-purchase inspection is helpful to ascertain any potential problems aligning the two, such as whether building to the boundary is a possibility or, if the plot is unusual, if the design is a good fit for it.


Located on the Sunshine Coast, Paul is a licenced building inspector and works primarily with those who are looking to purchase a home with a view to renovation or purchasing land on which to build.