Building Consultant Service

Collaboration during Pre-Construction


We believe collaboration is the key to a project’s success and will always recommend our building consultant service to new home builders, or those looking to renovate an existing home, so a builder is involved from the beginning of the design process.


Over time, it has become standard practice for homeowners to engage designers and architects first and then seek quotes for construction. Unfortunately, this often leads to variations in cost, details being missed, timelines that take longer than expected and budgets being blown.


Our goal is to provide a fixed cost proposal with a comprehensive and realistic construction timeline. We can do this best when we are included in the pre-construction phase early and have insight into the detail of the design.


Our building consultant service offers pre-construction expertise throughout the design phase. This ensures we get to know you and your project goals, and you get to know us and how we will work together. It also allows us to source and cost materials and sub-contractors so that you end up with all the documentation and detailed drawings required to receive a fixed price proposal, sign a building contract, and start construction.


Sadly, only about 20% of home designs end up actually being built. This is because translating a design idea from concept to reality often requires multiple iterations and although something may look amazing from a design point of view, building it may be complex, expensive, or both.


We believe in good design and having the opportunity to consider and cost materials, location and other design elements early in the process meaning your project can be delivered on time and within budget, with no costly surprises or time delays.


When your designer and builder work together, they can collaborate and discuss with the result that what ends up on your final plans is what ends up being built – within your budget.


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